One bad idea

Yesterday I had class and work all day so I didn’t get to leave campus until 8 pm and by then it was very dark. I rode my bike to school forgetting that I would be there so late. First, I couldn’t remember where I parked my bike so I wandered around campus for about ten minutes until I found it. Second, I couldn’t see the numbers on my bike lock so that took even longer. Eventually I got on my bike and headed on my way, but as I was riding along I realized that no one could see me at all because my little reflector was blocked by my giant backpack and I was wearing dark colors. So I tried to decide the safest route to my house, my choices were to ride along 12th which is a very busy street or to take a back alley and use my cell phone to light my way. For some reason I chose to go through the dark creepy back alley, I took out my cell phone and tried to hold it out in front of me, but this didn’t end up working out as I’d planned. I ended up hitting a huge rock that I hadn’t seen, dropped my phone and fell of my bike. Once I got up I couldn’t help but laughing because I got what I deserved, I should have been more careful and more prepared to ride home in the dark. So I decided to post this blog, not to embarrass myself (which I’m sure I did), but to warn you to be careful at night, be prepared, and never try what I tried.

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