Glade Park

Glade Park is a very scenic place that is about 20 minutes away from Grand Junction. A few friends and I went up there yesterday to go exploring. I found that the road to Glade Park is full of curves so you cant see around the corners at all. There were many bikers riding along that road which made it even more difficult. The law says that we are all supposed to share the road, but none of the drivers were sharing the road very well. They would go into the other lane to pass the bikers even though they couldn’t see around the corner at all. It was very scary. I also think that it would be scary for the bikers to experience as well, there isn’t any other way for the bikers to get up to the top of Glade Park. There is even a website about Glade Park that says that the road is very dangerous and that everyone needs to share the road. The website is and it is worth a visit if you ever plan to visit this beautiful place.

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