International Bike Race to hit Grand Junction?

Gore Creek Drive, Vail, CO

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The Quizno’s Pro Challenge in 2011 is coming back to Colorado but sadly they will not be making an appearance in Grand Junction. There is a committee that is trying to get the race to come to the Grand Valley in 2012 but so far they have been unsuccessful. Some members of the committee want this race to come to the Grand Valley because they think it will increase revenue a lot for the city. According to an article on NBC11News The 2011 Quiznos Pro Challenge will take place August 22-28. The 11 host cities are Vail, Colorado Springs, Crested Butte, Avon, Gunnison, Breckenridge, Salida, Aspen, Golden, Steamboat Springs, and Denver. Click here for more information

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2 famous trails in Western Colorado

View down Glenwood Canyon at Hanging Lake Rest...

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Colorado National Monument

This trail lasts for 46 miles on the Colorado National Monument and it stretches from Grand Junction to Fruita. It does cost $3 for bicycles but it is very worth it because of the spectacular views you get of the National Monument. The traffic is pretty slow so there aren’t many hazards unless you are afraid of heights. There are many rolling hills along the path making it a bit difficult but well worth the effort.

Glenwood Canyon Trail

This trail is 32 miles along I-70 and the Colorado River and it is completely paved and full of spectacular views. There are a few blind curves and the trail is very popular so caution must be observed throughout the trail. The ride is very easy and only increases 500 feet. This is one of the most popular trails in all of Colorado.

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5 things to check on your bike before each ride

Rear gears on a bicycle

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It is important to check your bike each time you ride it to save you time in the end in case anything goes wrong.

1. Tires and wheels

You must always check to make sure your tires are properly inflated. Also make sure your wheels are very tight so that you wont go flying over the handle bars.

2. Brakes

Squeeze your brake levers to make sure that apply enough pressure to stop your bike.

3. Seat post and handle bar stem

Make sure that your handle bar is tight and at the correct height, also make sure that your seat is adjusted correctly.

4. Helmet

Check that the straps are adjusted so that the helmet fits snugly, and sits down on your forehead, hitting somewhere above your eyebrows.

5. Chain and gears

When you first set off check that your chain turns cleanly through your front and rear sprockets. Run your bike through its range of gears to make sure there are no problems with rough shifting.

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Cycling in the rain

It is the season where the weather starts taking a turn for the worse, you may be riding in all sorts of different weather. So this blog is about how to stay safe and warm (kind of) during the rainy season. Rain capes or rain suits are always a good thing to have in case it rains. They provide poor ventilation but they can keep you dry and pretty warm. You can also get fenders at most bikes shop which help stop splash, so your feet wont get so wet and cold. Bike covers are also a good idea in extreme wind or rain. Another good idea would be to add extra lights because in rain it is hard for motorists to see you while you are cycling. 

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Bike Park next to Lunch Loop

A cross country mountain bike race.

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The Lunch Loop located right before the Monument has gotten a bit of a facelift. There is now a bike park right next to the trailhead. This park was designed for all skill levels, it is there for all types of cyclists to practice their tricks. On October 16th there was a ribbon cutting ceremony where kids of all ages got to go and enjoy the brand new park. This event was a great success, it was put on by Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association (COPMOBA). Here is a link to an article about the ribbon cutting ceremony it includes great information and pictures,

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Glade Park

Glade Park is a very scenic place that is about 20 minutes away from Grand Junction. A few friends and I went up there yesterday to go exploring. I found that the road to Glade Park is full of curves so you cant see around the corners at all. There were many bikers riding along that road which made it even more difficult. The law says that we are all supposed to share the road, but none of the drivers were sharing the road very well. They would go into the other lane to pass the bikers even though they couldn’t see around the corner at all. It was very scary. I also think that it would be scary for the bikers to experience as well, there isn’t any other way for the bikers to get up to the top of Glade Park. There is even a website about Glade Park that says that the road is very dangerous and that everyone needs to share the road. The website is and it is worth a visit if you ever plan to visit this beautiful place.

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The Bike Shop= Heros

A few days ago I left my bike at school over night because I got a ride home. When I arrived at my bicycle the next day I had a flat tire, I would have been riding on the rim. I had my friend pick me up and take me to the bike shop that is located on 10th and North, so basically on campus. They were extremely accommodating and helped me right away. They only charged me $19 to put slime in both of my tires and to check the whole bike over and make sure it was safe to ride. They told me that I could have stayed 20 minutes and it would have been fixed but I opted to leave it over night. I decided to pick it up the next morning even though I was driving my car, the man that checked me out loaded it in the back of my car for me. Overall my experience with the Bike Shop was a very pleasant one and I  suggest going there for any bike problems you may come across.

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