To bike or not to bike?

I have just recently started riding my bike to and from school. I also ride it around town to get exercise and enjoy the weather. But the other day I was riding to the mall with my friend and she got hit by a car (no damage was done) but it did make me question how safe it is to ride your bike everywhere. I love riding my bike because it is convenient and much faster than walking. So this blog is going to be about how to ride your bike safely, where to ride it, and  the advantages and disadvantages to riding your bike. I will try and have some videos and pictures of people around grand junction riding their bikes.

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Outdoor Program rentals

El verdadero mountain bike

Image by Javier Benek via Flickr

Want to go mountain biking but have no bike or helmet? No problem. Just go to the Outdoor Programs office and they will hook you up right away. The Mountain bike package is very affordable, you can even rent the bike and helmet for a week for only $30. Click here to visit their website.

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The 8 best bike friendly cities in the world


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Transportation is a big part of life, many people do not own their own vehicles so they must rely on other modes of transportation. Bike riding is a great way to get around but some places are not bike friendly at all so these are the top 8 places around the world to own a bike. We are going to start at number 8 so that you can work your way up to the number 1 city.

Bogota, Columbia:

Only 13% of residents in this city own their own vehicles so pretty much everyone rides their bikes. Once a week, the city closes down 70 miles of roadway to vehicular traffic so bikers can cycle the streets safely.

Beijing, China:

Beijing has a population of 22 million, so many people avoid the terrible traffic by riding bikes. The city provides specific lanes and traffic lights designated exclusively for cyclists.

Berlin, Germany:

Over 15% of all street traffic in this city is from bikes. The terrain in Berlin is mostly flat and public transportation allows room for bicycles. Plus the city just spent $2.5 million to expand their bike-only lanes.

Trondheim, Norway:

The city built bicycle lifts so you don’t have to peddle up hills. Click here to see the link to the video about the lifts. It is amazing!

Barcelona, Spain:

Barcelona has a bike sharing program called “Bicing“. Bicing is not available for tourist use but there are many bike rental companies to look at. One company will drop off a bike at your hotel and you can use it for as long as you are in Barcelona and it only costs 10 euros a day. The city also provides bike-only lanes and has a path that runs the perimeter of the city.

Basel, Switzerland:

This city provides left-hand turn lanes, exclusive to bikers and given Switzerland’s extensive railway system, many cities allow you to rent a bike at one train station and drop it off in another!

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Sometimes called “The City of Bikes” Copenhagen has over 544,000 residents that consider biking their main method of transportation. You can rent a bike on your visit for free! There are independent signal systems just for cyclists and some neighborhoods have gone as far as to completely ban automobiles from their streets.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

Amsterdam is known as the bicycling capital of the world. With 50% of all transportation done by bike, Amsterdam boasts more bicycles than cars. The city’s main parking garage, is a three level structure that holds 10,000 bicycles. Given that cyclists have greater road space and more rights than cars, automobile traffic congestion in the streets is all but obsolete. In fact, Amsterdam even has a National Bicycle Day that, coincidentally, falls on the same day as their National Windmill Day. So if you happen to visit Amsterdam during the second Saturday in May, you are encouraged to visit all of their windmills…by bicycle.

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Always make your children wear a helmet

Bike helmet

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Helmets are very important to wear while riding bikes but the worst can still happen. I found this story while just surfing the net. It is about a 12 year old girl that was at summer camp and died while riding her bike. Venus Stratton was going downhill with some other children and two Camp Redcloud instructors, when she wrecked her bike. She was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident but the injury occurred on the side of her head where the helmet wasn’t covering. The rule for a snug, good–fitting helmet is that it should fit like a hat and you should only be able to fit two fingers of room under the chin between the strap.

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Mountain Biking Gaining Popularity

Mountain biking in Arizona desert, USA

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Mountain biking is gaining popularity in the Grand Valley, particularly in Fruita. For many years mountain biking has been very popular in the Moab, Utah but now it seems that the trend is spreading to the Grand Valley. The Lunch Loops area of the Tabeguache Trail near the east entrance to the Colorado National Monument and the North Fruita Desert on 18 Road north of Fruita are among the most popular. The Kokopelli trail in Loma, Colorado is also becoming very popular, and that trail runs all the way to Moab. To get more information on these websites click here

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Mesa State Cycling

A cross-country mountain biker climbs on an un...

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The Mesa State Cycling Club is open to all students interested in mountain biking, road riding and collegiate racing. This club was very popular so the members of the team decided to take it to the next level and become an actual athletic team. So far it has been going very well they are recruiting new members all the time, they are also offering scholarships which has made the team even more popular. The team has also become more well known throughout the community and they have gotten the support of a few sponsors. The team was able to participate in Track Nationals where they placed second. The team is becoming more well known all the time. To visit their website click here

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Tour the Grand Valley

Western Slope of Colorado.

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Tour the Grand Valley is an event that is held in the Grand Valley to show what the Western Slope has to offer. Bike riders tour places like the Monument, the Redlands and Glade Park Road. It is a two day event and riders can choose to ride 30, 50, 75, or 100 miles on various routes throughout the Grand Valley. People come from all over the United States to take part in this event. Proceeds benefit Community Hospital and several other organizations around Grand Junction.

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Listen to my biking podcast

Click here to listen to my podcast

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